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Abuja Nigeria 29-10-2023

- Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, concluded his momentous visit to the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Commission on Sunday, October 29, 2023. The visit marked a significant milestone in the strengthening of diplomatic relations between Germany and the ECOWAS member nations.

The Chancellor's visit aimed to fortify the close ties between Germany and the ECOWAS Commission, fostering a shared commitment to furthering economic and political collaboration. During his stay, Chancellor Scholz engaged in constructive discussions with high-ranking ECOWAS officials, exploring mutual areas of interest and identifying opportunities for partnership.

Recognizing the importance of regional integration and sustainable development, Chancellor Scholz affirmed Germany's firm support for the ECOWAS Commission's vision. He emphasized the need for enhanced cooperation on critical issues such as trade, security, and climate change. The Chancellor extended an invitation to ECOWAS member nations to leverage Germany's expertise and resources in these areas, promoting a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Throughout his visit, Chancellor Scholz commended the ECOWAS Commission for its notable achievements in promoting peace, stability, and economic growth within the West African region. He expressed admiration for the Commission's commitment to democratic values and its efforts to address regional challenges through collective action.

As a strong proponent of multilateralism, Chancellor Scholz affirmed Germany's unwavering support for the ECOWAS Commission's initiatives for the

development of the region. He underscored the positive impact of these measures in fostering regional integration, stimulating trade, and facilitating the movement of people across member states.

During his visit, Chancellor Scholz also took the opportunity to showcase Germany's commitment to sustainable development. He highlighted Germany's successful energy transition and expressed willingness to share best practices with ECOWAS member nations, particularly in renewable energy, climate change mitigation, and sustainable infrastructure development.

This historic visit by Chancellor Olaf Scholz serves as a testament to the enduring friendship between Germany and the ECOWAS Commission. It lays the foundation for deeper cooperation, mutual understanding, and shared prosperity between the two parties. The visit concluded with a renewed pledge of support from Chancellor Scholz towards the ECOWAS Commission's goals, reaffirming Germany's dedication to working hand in hand with the ECOWAS member nations in building a prosperous and harmonious future.

About ECOWAS Commission:

The ECOWAS Commission is a regional organization consisting of fifteen member nations in West Africa. Established in 1975, its mission is to promote economic integration, sustainable development, and peace-building efforts in the region. With a focus on collective decision-making and cooperation, the ECOWAS Commission plays a crucial role in advancing the interests and aspirations of its member states.

About Olaf Scholz:

Olaf Scholz is the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, assuming office in December 2021. With a long-standing political career, Chancellor Scholz is renowned for his commitment to progressive policies, economic stability, and global cooperation. He has played a key role in steering Germany towards sustainable development, social justice, and international diplomacy.


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