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Launch of the Joint Monitoring Mission 2023, ECOWAS and AU engaged in the evaluation of APSA 4

Today, the African Union-ECOWAS Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM) started in Abuja and will end on Friday 23 June, June 23rd.

The JMM is conducted as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Assignment (M&E) for the fourth Action Plan for Stability and Peace in Africa (APSA IV).

The selection criteria for the mission, which includes performance, strategic coverage, and types of activities, was agreed upon and based on these criteria ECOWAS was chosen to be visited for the JMM due to its role in achieving APSA IV objectives.

The JMM will cover multiple topics and questions.

Relevance of activities to specific peace and security challenges in the region/member countries, peace and security objectives of the organisation in question and the needs of the targeted countries or institutions will all be considered. The effectiveness of activities under APSA IV, the resources utilized, timeliness in implementation, and sustainability of results after EU APSA IV will also be examined.

During the JMM mission, documents will be studied, individuals will be interviewed, and group discussions will be conducted.

The results of the mission will be used to inform the monitoring and evaluation of APSA.


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