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End of the Joint Monitoring Mission 2023, ECOWAS and AU engaged in the evaluation of APSA 4

PRESS PRESS RELEASE End of the Joint Monitoring Mission 2023, ECOWAS and AU engaged in the evaluation of APSA 4


Today marked the end of the African Union-ECOWAS Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM). This mission was conducted as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Assignment (M&E) for the fourth Action Plan for Stability and Peace in Africa (APSA IV).

During the JMM, documents have been studied, individuals have been interviewed, and group discussions have been conducted in order to monitor and evaluate objectives set out for APSA IV, as well as to assess the relevance of activities for specific peace and security challenges in the region and countries at hand.

The mission, coordinated by the African Union and ECOWAS, took place from 20 June to today, 23 June. During the mission, members of the team of experts studied documents, conducted interviews and group discussions with stakeholders, in order to assess the success or failure of activities in terms of the objectives defined in the APSA IV, as well as to consider the needs of the targeted countries or institutions.

The visit allowed the mission to grasp the need for better communication and cooperation between both Africa Union and the ECOWAS member states, so that objectives set out in the APSA IV could be achieved in a timely manner. The mission concluded by noting the importance of speeding up the implementation of strategies in order for the respective challenges to be resolved. The efforts made by the African Union and ECOWAS in the implementation of the APSA IV will be evaluated in an in-depth report, based on the data gathered by the JMM team.

Results of the mission will be used to inform the monitoring and evaluation of APSA going forward.The African Union and ECOWAS African Union would like to thank all the stakeholders that took part in the mission, who helped our team reach a better understanding of the objectives of APSA and the activities that have been implemented thus far. We look forward to a successful and sustainable implementation process of the APSA IV going forward.


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