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Support to The Regional Centre for Disease Surveillance and Control in The ECOWAS Zone(ECOWAS-RCDSC)


The overall objective of this project is to improve the functioning of country specific monitoring/surveillance

networks, and detection and warning systems in the event of diseases with epidemic nature within the ECOWAS


Expected results:

· Needs are identified for coordination, information exchange, training for the NCI/RSCDC network;

· Inter-country exchange fora are organised alternatively in the countries of the sub-region;

· Trainings targeted on the identified needs are organised for NCI managers;

· Inter-country evaluations are conducted on the performance and needs of the INC/RSCDC network;

· Inter-country evaluation reports are produced in partnership with the INC, WAHO and WHO.

Main activities:

· First Steering Committee under the RCDSC held in November 2019;

· Project with GIZ was formally launched in 22-23 January 2019 at Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso;

· Info point session for wider audience on project launch took place in Brussels, February 2019;

· Inception workshop with all key stakeholders held in Abuja in April 2019;

· Workshop at ECOWAS in May 2018 to facilitate preparation of the PAGoDA with GIZ;

· Organise joint evaluations of the operation and needs of the NCIs (National Coordinating Institutes);

· Organise joint evaluations of the operation and needs of the network;

· Organise trainings for and in the countries of the sub-region;

· Advocate for the integration in the NCIs of the activities connected to the health risks;

· Production and dissemination of reports;

· Contract with GIZ for EUR 4m finalised with counter-signatures and first pre-financing paid.

Main issues:

· Preliminary request for budget reallocation under consideration;

· Inception report received end June 2019;

· Some delay in mobilising/recruiting key staff both at the contract and at the RCDSC Decision level;

· Though there has been a technical launch of the project, the political launch is still pending;

· Final report of FWC (395-838) to prepare PAGoDA has been submitted but final payment request


· FA signed in February 2018.

Next steps/Status:

· Follow up on rider request;

· Follow up submission of FWC final payment request (by FWC – 395-838);

· Project monitoring mission to Liberia foreseen for Q2 2020;

· Second request for payment foreseen in Q1.


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