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Working visit to the ECOWAS Commission, by the head of development cooperation of the German Embassy in Nigeria and ECOWAS.


Abuja, Nigeria - January 31, 2024 - Susanne Schroeder, the Head of Development Cooperation of the German Embassy in Nigeria and ECOWAS, conducted a working visit  to the Directorate of External Relations of the  ECOWAS Commission. Mrs. Schroeder was accompanied by Lisa Apitz, First Secretary of Refugees, Migration, and Humanitarian Assistance for Nigeria and the ECOWAS region during the exchange.

The primary focus of the visit was to discuss the development of cooperation between Germany and ECOWAS, with a specific emphasis on the preparation of activities for 2024 and other high-level meetings. The discussions aimed to explore potential areas of collaboration and strategic partnerships to further mutual goals in development and cooperation.

Mrs. Susanne Schroeder  and Mr Jerome Boa, Director of External Relations at the ECOWAS Commission expressed their enthusiasm for the opportunity to strengthen the ties between Germany and ECOWAS, emphasizing the importance of shared efforts in addressing regional challenges and fostering sustainable development.

The meeting between Susanne Schroeder and ECOWAS Commission  underscored the commitment of both Germany and ECOWAS to enhance their partnership and foster meaningful collaboration in areas of common interest.


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