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Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: 2015/038-921)

Total Budget: 27,650 MEUR

Implementation period: 55 months (17 November 2017 to 14 June 2022)

Implementation modalities: Contribution Agreement with Interpol

Geographical region: West Africa


The overall objective is to support the strengthening of police information systems in the broader West Africa

region. It entails harmonising and structuring the national and regional management police information, increasing the capability of the West Africa law enforcement community to collect police data and enhancing the global information sharing between West African law enforcement community and the global one.

Expected Results:

· The WAPIS system is implemented at national level including through the provision of operational and technical support and training;

· The WAPIS regional data sharing platform is developed and implemented in cooperation with the

ECOWAS Commission and ECOWAS Member States (and possibly Mauritania);

· The national WAPIS systems are linked up with Interpol channels through Interpol National Central Bureaus;

· The ECOWAS Member States (and possibly Mauritania) have adopted the required legal framework at national and regional levels;

· The WAPIS system is handed over to the national and regional authorities.

Main accomplishments:

· WAPIS programme handed over IT equipment for digitalization of paper-based data to Togo authorities,

with the participation of the INTERPOL Planning and Development Director and the EU Ambassador (5

November 2019, Lomé, Togo);

· 22 November 2019, the national WAPIS system in Niger was officially connected to INTERPOL I-24/7

system, giving national WAPIS users direct access to INTERPOL global databases of stolen motor vehicles, stolen and lost travel documents (22 November 2019, Niamey, Niger);

· The fourth Steering Committee meeting took place in Abidjan on 26-27 November 2019 with the participation of all the countries involved and put forward a set of recommendations to the beneficiary countries;

· The Minister of Justice of Guinea Bissau handed over the signed MoU between the Government of Guinea Bissau and Interpol setting the basis of the cooperation between the two entities regarding the implementation of the WAPIS Programme (27 November 2019, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire).

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