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Transport Facilitation (TFP 2)

Source of funds: 10th EDF (2013/024-204)

Decision date: 10th June 2011 (FA Signature: 10 June 2014)

Total budget: 27 MEUR (ECOWAS: EUR 12,7MN; UEMOA: EUR 14, 3MN)

Implementation period: 5 years (currently under D+4.5 as extended by 18 months)

Implementing Agency: ECOWAS & WAEMU

Geographical Area: West Africa

Project Manager: Lemlem SAID-ISSA;


· To facilitate transport, trade and exchanges intra and extra ECOWAS community through the provision

of a smooth movement of persons and goods via construction and operationalisation of Joint Border

Posts (JBPs) with 21st century technology providing security and speedy crossing.

Expected results:

· Operationalisation of the joint border posts (JBPs) through the completion of the works, provision of

equipment and support to the service;

· Planning and management of road infrastructure, improved regional corridors through the

strengthening of road information systems (RIS);

· More efficient transport system corridors established in particular by the reduction of irregular

practices, more competitive/ more efficient customs ports, and a modernised trucking industry.

Main activities:

· Following the construction completed in TFP I, finalise the JBPs of Malanville, Seme and Noepe works

contracts: further works, transport price revision; procure and install the supplies of furniture and

security equipment in same JBPs;

· Conduct studies on management modes and standard operating procedures for JPBs;

· Conduct studies, technical assistance and workshops to support the establishment of a Regional

Transport Observatory;

· Support activities of the observatoire des pratiques anormales (OPA) and the extension of its activities to

take account of all the sections of the corridors cover (ports, customs, border, national terminals) and to

cover the corridors of the region;

· Support concrete and immediate actions (studies, others) to increase the efficiency of transport and

reduction in the prices of transport;

· Develop and implement plans for capacity-building (training, equipment) for the services responsible for

regional transport or involved in the development of regional transport facilitation;

· Support Regional Organisations (ROs) and ECOWAS Member States on the operationalisation of the JBPs

and their plans to facilitate transport.

Main accomplishments to date:

Since the kick-off of the Service Contract in Apr 2018 managed by NTU, the following was accomplished:

· Three supply contracts delivered the Security Equipment, the Furniture and the Weighbridges. The

fourth supply contract supplied part of the IT equipment but connectivity is yet to be completed;

· Presidential Inauguration and Handover of the 2 Joint Border Posts (JBPs) Seme and Noepe took place

on 23rd and 26th October 2018 respectively, in the presence of the 4 related Presidents; ECOWAS

Presidents/Commissioners/Staff and the EU Delegations to Nigeria/ECOWAS, Benin, Ghana, Togo as well

as thousands of delegates, officials, national/international press. The 2 JBP are now fully operational

except for few snags which are being sorted out;

· The Programme Estimate, also implemented by NTU since January January 2019, is dealing with

resolution of the abovementioned snags as well as undertaking minor works and the supply of Solar

Panel plants as back-up energy.



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