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The Overall objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the ECOWAS common market and the integration of the West African region into the international economic and trading systems.

Specific objectives:

  1. Improved implementation of trade facilitation measures consistent with WTO TFA commitments at the regional and national levels;

  2. Increased efficiency of trade corridors between West African countries.

Expected Results:

  1. Trade facilitation measures improved and more efficiently implemented;

  2. More efficient movement of goods along selected corridors;

  3. Barriers for small scale traders reduced with an emphasis on improving conditions for women traders

Main Results to date:

· Implementation commenced

· Agreement signed with GIZ and WBG

· First Steering Committee held in November 2018

Planned Activities:

· The development of regional trade facilitation measures which are aligned with international standards and best practices replicable from other regions.

· The establishing a monitoring framework and mechanism in ECOWAS to track and support implementation of regional TF measures by the Member states.

· Meetings of regional technical experts on the renegotiation of the tariff commitments of Member States at the WTO

· Annual peer-to-peer learning events to support the replication of the port assessment and modernization program to continue in the other seaports not part of the trade corridors selected for the project

· Implementation of harmonized ECOWAS customs procedures along selected corridors.

· Simplifying border procedures and deployment / implementation of transit pilot solutions e.g. regional guarantee systems.

· Conduct a small cross border traders survey to deepen the understanding on both the dynamics of trade in those locations (value, scale, main commodities involved, distribution routes etc.)

· Review the legal and regulatory framework for transport and logistics services, at both the regional and the national levels

· improving public-private consultation mechanisms, increasing civil society involvement, input into decision-making and ability of civil society organizations to represent their interests vis-à-vis public authorities and other social and economic actors.

Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: 2015/039-046)

Decision date: FA signature: ongoing

Total budget: 20 MEUR (55 M EUR in total with USAID, NL, DE and Canada)

Implementation period: 5 years (2018 – 2023)

Implementing agencies: GIZ, WB

Geographical region: West Africa

Project Manager: Frank OKAFOR

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Good reading material for peer review and adoption.

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