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The 2023 preparatory negotiation meeting between ECOWAS and the German government came to a successful conclusion on 27 June 2023, after a full day of deliberations.

Were present at this technical meeting of ECOWAS,

ECOWAS Directors and representatives of the office of the Vice-President

The objective of the consultation meeting was to partly guide Germany's decision on funding commitment to the ECOWAS region, and the final outcome was the development of an ECOWAS strategic position paper which will be shared with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) .

The meeting discussed the status of programme implementation in the current portfolio, the key activities, key results, challenges, and key lessons of the interventions. Discussions also focused on the scope, duration and required budgets of the strategic initiatives, as well as other priorities needed to be considered for the negotiation of thematic areas and projects.

The steps forward from the meeting include individual projects and departments sharing summary information on the required points, and the Office of the Vice President / External Relations developing the ECOWAS strategic paper.

The 2023 ECOWAS-German Government Negotation Meeting is a good accomplishment for ECOWAS Commission and Germany Cooperation and will further enhance cooperation and mutual benefits.


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