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« Collaborative Efforts on Regional Integration: AfDB and ECOWAS Commissioner Fatau Meet in Abuja

Abuja, Sept 8, 2023 -

A high-level delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB) has convened a crucial meeting with Mr. Abdel-Fatau Musa, ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security. This meeting was organized to foster collaboration and discuss the status of projects and plans regarding regional integration, within the framework of the AfDB's strategic plan.

The meeting, held at the ECOWAS Niger House Office in Abuja, served as a platform for the AfDB delegation to engage with Mr. Musa and gain insights into the progress of various initiatives under his direction. The delegation met the different directorates of the Department for Political Affairs, Peace, and Security, highlighting the mutual commitment to regional integration and stability.

The AfDB delegation expressed their commitment to providing continued support to ECOWAS in its efforts towards regional integration and stability. They reaffirmed the Bank's dedication to leveraging its financial expertise and resources to contribute to the socioeconomic development of ECOWAS member states.

Mr. Musa commended the AfDB for its unwavering support and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to discuss the project status and plans. He emphasized the significance of close partnerships between ECOWAS and development institutions like AfDB in achieving the region's strategic objectives.

Looking ahead, both parties agreed to maintain open lines of communication and collaboration to ensure effective implementation of projects and initiatives. They expressed their optimism for a strengthened partnership and a collective drive towards a more integrated and secure region.



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