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Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: 2014/37785)

Decision date: 28/11/2014

Total budget: 30.4MEUR (EU – 28MEUR; Others – 2.4 MEUR)

Implementation period: 3 years (2014 – 2017)

Implementing agency: Various

Geographical region: West Africa


Overall objective is to mitigate the negative effects of the Ebola outbreak and contribute to the recovery of the

most affected countries in West Africa.

Expected results:

· Component 1: National health systems in affected countries are strengthened, including disease

surveillance measures, early warning systems and improved epidemic preparedness measures;

· Component 2: Vulnerable households are more resilient through improved food and nutrition security

with a reinforced capacity to sustainably produce and access food and improved access to clean water

and sanitation;

· Component 3: Awareness on Ebola among families and communities is improved and behavioural

change is noted both to prevent Ebola, as well as strengthen survivors;

· Component 4: Improved capacity at regional, national and local levels to coordinate Ebola Virus Disease

(EVD) and post-EVD interventions.

Main activities:

· Enhance the capacity of health workers to detect and respond quickly to new cases of Ebola;

· Assist the resumption of small scale agriculture including provision of inputs to rebuild livelihoods;

· Intensive, community-level outreach to tackle rumours and counter misconceptions about the disease;

· Reinforce coordination mechanisms including technical assistance for studies, M&E, etc.

Main issues (EMlab contract No. 371-110)

Status – Project ended 31/12/2016:

· EMLab contract No. 371-110 closed successfully in CRIS;

· FCA and HQ facilitated Guinea Conakry request to fund an audit from Decision Budget line allotted;

· Final payment processed with help of HQ;

· Containment of the spread of the Ebola virus disease in the West African Region;

· All due reports under the contract (inception, interim, final and evaluation) received and approved;

· Additional brand new mobile lab now delivered;

· EMlab_BNI project linked up with ISTH and NCDC for in-country continuity beyond the project;

· BNI-ISTH met Sept.2017 with NCDC CEO on modalities for deployment of EMlab;

· 1st West Afrian Sub-regional Training on Mobile Lab deployment for Outbreak response June 2019.

Next Steps:

· Still awaiting ISTH to provide feedback to the EUD on the June Training Workshop on Mobile Lab


· Final Evaluation of the AWARE Decision is tentatively now planned for Q1/Q2 2020;

· Uncommitted/unused funds under the Decision/contracts to be decommitted;

· Dissemination of Project results and possibly sharing of lessons learned vis regional peer review.


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