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Introduction of Consulting Team: OCWAR-T Component 4.3

9 08 2021, Introduction of Consulting Team : OCWAR-T Component 4.3 - Stakeholder Mapping of Civil Society working on TOC in West Africa.

Organised Crime: West African Response to trafficking (OCWAR–T) is a project to support ECOWAS and its Member States in reducing transnational organized crime (TOC). For this purpose, the project is strengthening structures, capacities and improving knowledge. Specifically, it supports efforts in enhancing criminal investigation and prosecution, improving small arms control and reducing human trafficking. The project is commissioned by the German Federal Foreign Office (AA) and co-funded by the EU. GIZ jointly implements with UNODC, UNDP, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and Mines Advisory Group (MAG). The project covers all fifteen ECOWAS Member States and Mauritania.

A core goal of Component 4 of the Description of the Action (DOA) of the Project “knowledge base, legal foundations and independent oversight mechanisms” aims to establish a civilian monitoring and oversight mechanism for the implementation of the action. To this end, the project will support and strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations (CSO’s) as well as human rights institutions and ombudsmen to improve oversight and dialogue on TOC and trafficking relevant topics. Selected institutions will form an independent committee, which will be closely involved in the monitoring of the action, regarding the implementation of a human rights based approach, transparency and integrity, and the consideration of gender equality and are supposed to play a pivotal role in the risk monitoring and mitigation system of the project.

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