Specific Objectives:

· To harmonize and structure the national and regional management of police information in the broader West Africa region;

· To increase the capability of the West Africa law enforcement community to collect, centralize, manage, and share their police data within the sub-region;

· To enhance global information sharing between West African law enforcement community and the global law enforcement community;

· Implementation of the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) in countries that do not already possess an operational AFIS.

Expected Results:

  • The implementation of WAPIS at national and regional levels is supported by national governments and regional institutions;

  • The WAPIS system is implemented at national level including through the provision of operational and technical support and training;

  • The WAPIS regional data sharing platform is developed and implemented in cooperation with the ECOWAS Commission and ECOWAS Member States (and possibly Mauritania);

  • The national WAPIS systems are linked up with INTERPOL channels through INTERPOL National Central Bureaus;

  • The ECOWAS Member States (and possibly Mauritania) have adopted the required legal framework at national and regional levels;

  • The WAPIS system is handed over to the national and regional authorities.

State of Play:

· Reallocation of 27.650 MEUR for WAPIS phase III to EU Delegation in Abidjan.

· Kick off meeting of WAPIS third phase during WAPIS Steering committee of 25-27 June 2018;

· All Strategic visits followed by technical assessment visits in beneficiary countries achieved in 2018;As of June 30st, 2019, the following countries already signed an MoU with INTERPOL: Mali,Mauritania, the Gambia,Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria,Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo;

· week of 21 October 2019: next Expert Committee meeting (legal seminar on (i) a WAPIS "best practices guide in personal data processing, (ii) modification of the list of offences in the WAPIS System and (iii) possible expansion of the domains/types of the data to be included into the WAPIS System)

· 05-06 November 2019 : next steering committee in Accra- Ghana in order to give an opportunity to the committee members to witness on the field the operationalization of a WAPIS system INTERPOL will submit a request for further pre-financing instalment in November 2019 (5 M€);

· A contractor will work on an assignment from Sept. to Dec. 2019 in order to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the WAPIS Programme.

Main issues

· The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS - 15 MEUR ) was reallocated with dissatisfactione expressedby ECOWAS;

· ECOWAS Heads of States on 29th June 2019, renewed their countries' commitment for the implementation of the WAPIS Programme with an AFIS Component.

Reallocation of MIO 27.650 EURO to Delegation in Abidjan.

Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: 2015/038-921)

Total Budget: 27,650 MEUR

Implementation period: 60 months (15 May 2017 to 14 May 2022)

Implementation modalities: Contribution Agreement with Interpol

Project Manager: Charles GIRARD (Delegation in Abidjan)


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