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ECOWAS-GIZ meeting to review progress on EU pillar assessment.

The ECOWAS Commission and GIZ met in a technical meeting to review progress and gaps in the validation of the EU pillar on April 3, 2024, in Abuja.

In a collaborative effort to bolster the efficiency and transparency of operations, the ECOWAS Commission and the implementing partner GIZ, engaged in a thorough analysis of key operational pillars during a recent session.

The session focused on meticulously examining several areas vital for effective operations, including:

  1. Internal control

  2. Accounting systems

  3. Independent audit

  4. Grant management

  5. Procurement

  6. Publication of recipient of funds

  7. Data protection

The validation of these pillars by the ECOWAS Commission will mark a significant milestone in enhancing the management of funds allocated by the European Union to support various projects within the ECOWAS region.


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