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ECOWAS helps Togo in the fight against cybercrime through the OCWAR-C project

The commission of the ECOWAS to proceed with the mercredi 23 mars 2022 to the official remise of the teams of the laboratoire d’investigation numérique au minister de la Sécurité et de la Protection Civile du Togo.The cérémonie s'est déroulée au cabinet dudit Minister in the presence of l'Ambassadeur de l'Union Européenne (EU) au Togo, le ministère de l'Economie Numérique et de la Digitalisation, Le Représentant Résident de la ECOWAS in Togo ainsi que lesDirecteurs Généraux de la Gendarmerie et de la Police de la République Togolaise.Less responsible d'Expertise France, Agence d'execution du project « Criminalité Organisée : Réponse de l'Afrique de l'Ouest à la cybersécurité et à la fight against cybercriminalité » (OCWAR-C) finance for the EU ont également prisdepart à la ceremonie.

Dr. Zouli Bonkoungou, Commissioner of Telecommunications and Information Technologies of the ECOWAS Commission on behalf of the President of the ECOWAS Commission, His Excellency Dr. Jean-Claude Kassi BROU, pointed out that the increased use of technologies has fostered the presence of more malicious actors who exploit Internet vulnerabilities to their own advantage. These illicit activities have caused financial losses estimated at millions of US dollars in several ECOWAS Member States. He commended the efforts already made by the Government of Togo in the fight against cybercrime and the strengthening of its cyberspace and mentioned that with the materials received, Togo now has a digital investigation laboratory that meets the standards. international. Finally, he thanked the European Union for its financial support, Expertise France, the agency implementing the OCWAR-C project, and the various partners involved in the project. The EU Ambassador to Togo recalled the objectives of the OCWAR-C project, which is to strengthen the cyber space of the beneficiary countries and to fight against cybercrime before mentioning the actions carried out in favor of Togo, in particular training, review of the legislative framework and the equipment for the digital investigation laboratory. The Minister of Security and Civil Protection, General Damehame Yark, recalled that Information and Communication Technologies are essential for sustainable development because they create many opportunities for socio-economic development. He, on behalf of the Government of Togo, thanked ECOWAS and the partners of the OCWAR-C project for this equipment which will make it possible to fight effectively against cybercrime. He said that this handover ceremony comes at the right time as Togo hosts the summit on cybersecurity in Africa. He reassured that the digital investigation laboratory will make good use of the equipment and this in respect of human rights and the interest of the entire Togolese population. This official handover of equipment from the digital investigation laboratory was followed by an awareness-raising workshop on digital hygiene at the cybersecurity summit held in Togo.


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